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If you deliver Technical support to a project, it’s very likely that your input is key towards the
success of the project. Yet, regardless of project qualifications and continuous
development, we still see too many projects failing. This is something that has to change.
Why are we highlighting Technical professionals? It’s not because we think that you do a
bad job, or that what you do isn’t important, of course it is. But, a common issue in
projects when they fail is that it was due to mis-communication, reworks that should never
have had to happen have added to the scope, that ate into the schedule, that caused an up-
spend in the budget and that negatively impacted the morale of the team, the project
manager, the sponsor and the client organisation.
Although we are often fully competent in knowledge of project methodologies, tools and
processes, too often it’s the behaviours that cause the majority of problems in our aim
towards productivity, towards a motivated team, towards the ability to satisfy our
stakeholders. Technical professionals in particular are driven by logic, but we need to
extend our capabilities out to the emotional quotient as well as the intellectual.
Better use of emotional intelligence (EI), results in improvements in how a project is
managed and, as a result, the team recognise clearly who is the leader and who are the
project team mates and stakeholders that we must work alongside. It has been clearly
documented that project managers and team members with strong EI knowledge and
behaviours can handle larger projects successfully with more team members much better
than those without EI knowledge.
That’s why developing an Emotional Intelligence, strength-based coaching & learning
journey is so important to us. We help our delegates become positive project leaders and
team members who are aware of their own emotions and how they impact upon others.
We work closely to help judge whether their emotions are beneficial to dealing with a
particular situation or not. The ability to empathise with others and being able to not only
understand verbal, but also non-verbal cues and body language can be a deciding factor in a
negotiation with stakeholder, e.g. when asking for approval for a project. 
This enlightening journey also leads to more enjoyment and satisfaction in their lives, feeling
energised when working on their projects or at work around projects, while reaching
optimal wellbeing, productivity and performance in the process.
During this journey, you will develop an understanding of yourself and who you are, using
Clarity4D psychological profile. We deliver quality coaching and training sessions to help

you discover and own your key strengths that without examination, insight, reflection, and
discovery; are likely to remain untapped.
The Inspire Learning Journey © is a comprehensive 9-module learning and coaching package.
With this Learning Journey, we will help technical clients realize their unique potential; to
step up and become a valued member of the project team; to do what energises them, to
identify what makes them feel authentic, and ultimately deliver optimal performance.
Become a strength-based project practitioner and enhance your personal & professional
development with our particular exercises, coaching sessions, virtual classrooms, and
structured activities included in this online masterclass.
Gain access to the latest scientific insights on strengths combined with all the practical tools
needed to discover and develop your own strengths in a way that promotes optimal
productivity and value to the project team rather than just functioning. 
Discover your potential regardless of your role in projects
You’ll cover the essentials of project roles, including theoretical and applied perspectives,
and find out how to factor in project behaviours and actions that are so needed in a
complex, time-driven reactive environment.
The Inspire Learning Journey © is a comprehensive and complete 9-module training and
development course like no other; packed with science-based tools, exercises, and
techniques that you can learn from - and use again and again in the future to consistently
push yourself to be the perfect Project Professional who works with others, communicate
well and Leads with the best of them.
It contains everything you need to skyrocket your position and expertise on projects:
 Comprehensive and easily digestible video lessons
 Downloadable Webinars to save you prep time
 A practical workbook full of essential theory, frameworks and helpful tips
 Printable hands-on exercises, activities, and interventions that once mastered, you
can use with clients and team members
 Virtual Classroom Sessions – where networking and groupwork aids growth
 1-2-1 Coaching and Mentoring sessions (VIP participants)
 Certificate upon completion; You’ll have the opportunity to learn the essential skills
of Technical professionals and their role in projects, and develop your career further.
Start building your career in project management

In learning how to succeed in project management, you’ll take a look at a typical day in the
working life of a project manager.
You’ll explore the competencies of agile project management, project initiation, phases and
extended life cycles, and the key skills you’ll need to thrive in this position.
Recognise the EI skills that are necessary for a good project manager. Project managers
need to have emotional intelligence, e.g. they need to collaborate and communicate with
many different stakeholders and need to build effective teams who need a leader they can
trust in order to deliver satisfactory results.  
What topics will you cover?
 Core concepts of project management, including the prerequisites for a project (the
business case), project management and the role of the project manager
 Analysis of Project behaviours needed at varying phases and processes, such as
traditional project life cycles
 How Emotional Intelligence is perfect for project management and how and when to
apply it
 Factors important to project decision-making towards productivity and high-
performance, as evidenced by personal and team capability and personal capacity
Prove you're Project-Ready
Highlight your new, project-relevant, valuable skills that you’ve gained and supplement
existing qualifications with a hard-earned, project practitioner-specific digital certificate
 Participate in this ground-breaking, culture changing learning journey
 Apply those new strengths and behaviours to your chosen project industry.
 Complete each module and pass assessments.
 Receive a certificate validated by Pro-Fection Academy.
 Create a shareable certificate link for your CV and LinkedIn.
 Impress employers with practical, learning outcomes you can add to your CV.
 Make your career dreams a reality.
What will you achieve?
By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...
 Assess the importance of positioning your strengths in the context of project
 Identify with practical needs in project cultures, and deliver all behavioural skills
considered essential for successful completion

 Describe the typical project team and understand what is needed to help them
achieve and drive the project towards success
 Describe the project expectations that make up a typical project, and summarise the
project management relationships between subject areas, process groups, and
 Evaluate factors important to project decision-making, productivity and high-
performance as evidenced by personal and team capability and capacity
Who is the course for?
This Pro-Fection Academy Learning Journey is designed for anyone interested who wants to
understand the fundamentals of how they interact in projects, how their behaviours or
responses impact on the management of the project, and how they can prepare better to
lead or participate in a team environment.
It will be of particular interest to technical professionals and individuals interested in project
management – especially aspiring project managers, project managers looking to take their
career to the next level, and people in other careers such as engineering looking to gain or
enhance existing project management skills with appropriate behavioural methods and
culture-changing skills.

How to lead and motivate others successfully in Projects

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