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C22 Projects can take you on a relaxed, yet intensive, learning journey in projects.

If you wish, you can select the project qualification route you wish to take, or you can select

a non-qualification route for a more organic delve into projects and what is REALLY required

if the project is to succeed.

Why are we highlighting Technical professionals?

We have many years of delivering project management training to various industries, with the majority
of delegates being 
Engineers, Science PHD’s or subject-matter experts.
One thing that has become apparent to us is 
that the behaviours and expectations of technical
professionals differs from the non-
technical. The ability to think creatively, or use logic, or delegate,
or lead, or 
make presentations of work  – is very different from non-technical professionals.


It’s not that they are worse, just different.

With unique challenges and mindsets that we have learned to work very well with.

Technical projects have their own unique set of needs and challenges. New technology

must be researched, downtime be kept to a minimum, and the organisation assisted

in adapting to changes.

Learn how to effectively manage technical projects of any size with our Excel range of courses 

from project management experts Jacqui Aird-Paterson and Alasdair Smith

 Covering specific approaches to mitigate risks and challenges common to technology projects;

they will walk through case studies bringing concepts to life.

Coaching and mentoring will be an option for all delegates, here, they will propose specific options,

often leading to personal challenges be it conflicts with stakeholders or vendor delays, assisting and

encouraging you to explore how to respond professionally through communication.

Compare your own tried and tested solutions with C22 Projects' recommendations to see how your project management skills compare.


C22 Projects deliver immersive training, in a learning journey available from face-to-face 

to virtual training & coaching, to e-learning, we provide innovative, constructive and
imaginative training activities that are proven to work well with 
our technical audiences.


And our learning solutions don’t stop there.

We also recognise the need to provide feedback, guidance, suggestions for the future

which must be designed and delivered in different methods and styles from SME's to

non-technical professionals.


The EXCEL Learning Journey©  was born specifically for this niche market.

Join us to learn the key elements of project management, participate in our activities, using

a variety of digital tools.    We cater to many needs with options of:

  • Self-Study 

  • Group-based

  • Grow your network

  • Gain particular skills in communication required to improve any project

  • – delegation,

  • - leadership & motivation,

  • - storytelling,

  • - setting out visions,

  • - scene setting,

  • - negotiation,

  • - conflict management,

  • - change management.

  • Upgrade your package to receive personal and group coaching

  • - psychometric evaluation

  • - challenge your comfort zone

  • - qualified coaches

  • - see the value of mentoring by project professionals


All critical skills for project management, and you’ll gain them throughout the

project lifecycle learning journey.


Gain an understanding in how to become competent in knowledge and expertise of project

methodologies, tools and processes, as well as displaying the requisite behaviours that help create a

productive, motivated team, with the ability to satisfy our stakeholders.


Learn the potential of emotional intelligence (EI),  improve your skills in leading and

managing a project, gaining team recognition as leader or project teammate.

Recognise that project managers and team members with strong EI skills and behaviours can

handle larger projects successfully far better than those without EI knowledge.

We have developed the EXCEL Learning Journey©, a technical project management
coaching &  learning journey 
specifically for our Technical Professionals who wish to become

excellent project leaders and team members.

We introduce the learning journey around a sample case-study, taking the project from Concept to
Closure and all stages in between. 


This enlightening journey can lead our delegates towards examinations if that is their aim,

or to having the ability to put into practice those new-found skills through Application Sessions

 – designed and proven to present the use of the new-found skills

- sharing which have worked (or not) in the workplace

- working with peer delegates to identify what should be done differently,

-  identify lessons learned as they go through their own projects.


This hugely successful format allows delegates to reach optimal confidence, wellbeing,

productivity and performance in the workplace.


Our EXCEL Learning Journey© is a top-of-the-range, fully immersible, comprehensive
12-module learning & coaching 

On this unique platform, we work closely with technical professionals to understand how to

extend their project skills and capabilities.

We recognise and highlight behavioural and attitudinal needs at each stage of the project,

We focus on needs of technical professionals, types of information required or to be delivered;

the needs of their own particular stakeholders and how to meet them;

the use of clear communication, limiting jargon or technical terms for non-technical audiences.

Ultimately, we help you  to deliver projects while feeling authentic, and delivering optimal performance.



Learn the Methods and Tools Vital to Deliver a Successful Project

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