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The mission of C22 Projects is to make the world of projects and associated work a better, safer, more inclusive and equitable place. We work towards this by sharing, as widely as possible, best-practice methodologies and tools, new research and opinions, case studies, news, practices and methods related to good behaviours and psychological safety to support the technical competencies. 


This includes behavioural topics such as psychological safety, inclusion, human factors, facilitation, safety critical environments, systems thinking, leadership and management, diversity and equity, mental health, organisational dynamics, culture, ethics, and more. 


A core goal is to amplify the voices of project team members and groups as well as those who are less represented in this field. This includes (but is not limited to) project managers, project directors, project members, PMO and project controls personnel, project graduates, women in leadership and STEM, and more.


Another goal close to the heart of C22 Projects is to share insights and best practices across different domains: for example, so that those in Oil & Gas may learn from Government, and those in education can learn from aviation.


We believe that knowledge is worthless unless it's accessible. A key principle of this website is to share content that everyone can access including complimentary project-management templates and guidance to assist project actions and decisions.   As some content is behind paywalls, or research papers are not open-access, and some proprietary tools don't open source their algorithms (preventing us from observing how systems make decisions about us) there will be exclusions.  We have some exceptions to this principle in practice, for example, if authors wish to share original texts of papers.


Whilst this statement will evolve this over time, the core principles of equity, amplification, and progressive & humanistic leadership and teamwork within projects should not change.


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